The Regional Offices of DOST are mandated by law to:

1. Identify S&T needs and opportunities in the region;

2. Formulate a Regional S&T Plan;

3. Plan and implement programs and projects on R&D and the delivery of S&T services;

4. Monitor and coordinate programs and projects of DOST Councils, Institutes and Support Agencies in the region;

5. Develop institutional linkages; and6. Provide grants-in-aid.


Excellent prime mover of regional and countryside development with equity.


Spearhead scientific, technological and innovation efforts and ensure that these result to maximum economic and social benefits for the people in the region.


We are committed to provide products and services to both the government and private sectors in CaragaRegion, with the highest standard of quality and reliability, within our capabilities and resources according to customer and all applicable regulatory and statutory requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of our QMS at all times in order to meet customer satisfaction.