Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who are eligible to enroll in the iFWD PH Program?
Eligible beneficiaries for the Program are OFWs who came home in the country within the past 3 years, with no existing contract overseas, or if with contract, should have a family member who shall continue with the training, and later on, with the establishment and management of the business. Should the OFW is incapacitated or has to go back overseas for work, the OFW family shall continue the training sessions.

2. What are the sectors covered to be considered as a technology-based enterprise?
To qualify as a technology-based enterprise, the business must have a component of science and technology. Priority sectors are as follows:
∙ Food processing (ie. sweet preserves, spreads, bottled food products, beverages, etc.)
∙ Furniture making (ie. chairs, tables, cabinets, etc.)
∙ Gifts, housewares, decors (ie. tailored products, leathergoods, souvenirs, other creative products) ∙ Agriculture, marine and aquatic resources (ie. farming, poultry, livestock, horticulture, hydroponics, etc.) ∙ Metals and engineering (ie. fabrication of food processing equipment, farm implements, or agrimachinery, welding, ads and signages)
∙ Health and pharmaceuticals (ie. health and wellness products, medicines, food supplements) ∙ ICT/Electronics (ie. systems development, automation, manufacturing of electronic products) ∙ S&T Services (ie. engineering consultancy, IT consultancy)

3. What if I already have a business concept in mind?
If you already have a business concept in mind, you may pitch that during the Phase 1 of the Program. Part of the Program is pitching your business idea to advisors and trainors during the Training Phase. Also, you will get the chance to enrich your business concept and make a business plan out of it as a requirement for Phase 2 (Innovation funding).

4. What if I do not have a business concept but I would like to enroll in your Program?
You will have a chance to build your business concept during the Phase 1 of the Program. You may also visit the following sites for background about the technologies available in DOST:

5. Do I have to secure permits and legalities for my business?
Yes, the business must be registered. Requirements to qualify for Phase 2 will be DTI / SEC/ CDA registration and mayor’s permit. This will be discussed during the Phase 1 of the Program.

6. Do I have to go through Phase 1 before I qualify for Phase 2?
Yes, all OFWs under the Program will have to undergo Phase 1 (Capability Building) before one qualifies for Phase 2. One of the requirements for Phase 2 is your business plan which you will create in Phase 1.

7. What are the requirements for Phase 1?
Requirements for Phase 1 will be as follows:
– iFWD PH Application Form and Assessment Questionnaire
– Scanned copy of your passport with identification and proof of latest disembarkation to the Philippines – Self certification of no existing contract, or if with contract, that there is a family member who will continue with the business

8. When can I submit my requirements for Phase 1?
We are still accepting applications. You may submit them as soon as possible via our e-portal or thru email.

9. Where can I submit the requirements for Phase 1?
You may submit the requirements for Phase 1 via our e-portal at, or email at, or hand carry at DOST-Caraga Regional Office at CSU Campus, Ampayon, Butuan City. You may also contact our iFWD Project Staff 0907-329-8395.

You can download the application or apply online at the e-portal at

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