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The Department of Science and Technology is the premier Science and Technology agency of the country mandated to provide central direction, leadership and coordination of all scientific and technological activities and formulation of policies and projects in support for national development.

In Response to this mandate, one of DOST- Caraga’s projects is the establishment of a Regional Standards region.

The RSTL is capable of rendering and imparting technological services needed by the industries and the general public. With the presence of this testing center in the vicinity of Caraga, the public can now readily avail on any analytical services with less expenditure

The Regional Standards & Testing Laboratory is now conducting physical and chemical analysis.


The Chemical & Physical Laboratory conducts experiments and tests to identify the composition and properties of samples under examination. These tests include the following:


  • Proximate analysis on food for crude fat, free fatty acids, total solids, calcium carbonate equivalent, loss on ignition and moisture content.
  • Determination of water quality through Residual Chlorine, Nitrate, Manganese, Turbidity, Total Iron, Total Hardness, Total Alakalinity, Color Chlorides, Conductivity and Total Dissolved Solids, Total Suspended Solids, Total Solids, Oil and Grease, Dissolved Oxygen and 5- day BOD.
  • Other tests like pH, total titrable acidity, alkalinity, salinity, specific gravity and brix.
  • Water Activity testing which is important for product satbility and in controlling food spoilage.
  • Extraction and Phytochemical Screening of plant samples.