DOST-Caraga Spearheads Workshop for Developing Equipment Assessment Protocol

Sep 12th, 2008 | By inday | Category: News

A workshop was held at Davao City to develop an assessment protocol for the equipment and technologies extended to Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Project (SET-UP) partners of the department. The activity which was spearheaded by DOST Caraga was attended by representatives from the various DOST Regional Offices and four (4) research institutes namely: Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI), Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI), Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) and Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI).

The Interagency Design and Engineering Assessment (IDEA) Team was organized to address the needs of the Regional Offices for a body that will look into technical aspects pertaining to “after-sales-service” and operational concerns for equipment or parts and fixtures associated or attached to the technologies being introduced to SET-UP clients and among micro, small and medium entrepreneurs. A number of equipment and associated technologies have no concrete data available on efficiency and troubleshooting information. In some cases, the efficiency of equipment is reduced due to the absence of accessories that could have been easily fabricated given equipment designs and specifications. Members of the IDEA Team come from the regional offices, RDIs, Councils and the National Project Management Office (NPMO) of SET-UP.

The workshop started with the overview of the project: Strengthening Interregional IDEA Teams and followed by sharing of agency and regional experiences relative to technology transfer and commercialization. The Visayas Cluster advanced in the organization of their cluster talked on how they have operationalized the IDEA team. Dir. Rene Burt Llanto of Region VII gave a lecture on Practical Engineering while Engr. Joseph L. Herrera from the Soils and Energy Division of ITDI discussed Integration of Cleaner Production, Energy Efficiency and Equipment Energy Requirements.

The three-day workshop succeeded in formulating a protocol of assessment for existing and new equipment. This was made possible thru clustering of regions into 4 clusters: North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. It consisted of a checklist of information requirements, procedures, processes, methodologies and reporting systems. Data and information on tools, kits and other instruments necessary for the assessment, diagnostic and of troubleshooting equipment were gathered from the clusters as well as a listing of capability building skills needed including benchmarking practices for IDEA team members as inputs for Phase II of the program.

The workshop culminated with a project visits to two SET-UP assisted projects in Region XI. The group first visited the firm, Woodworks Kiln Dried Products owned and managed by Mr. Ricardo D. Talaboc in Digos City, Davao del Sur. The firm specializes in the production of kiln dried panel doors sold in the local market thru Citi Hardware. The group also visited ZPS Machine of Engr. Dominador Lanoy in Bunawan, Davao City. The shop fabricates parts or components of agri-industrial and other machineries. Both firms were also recipients of local consultancy services and the Manufacturing Productivity Extension (MPEX) Program.