DOST continue adding science to local product enhancement

Value adding in our local products is very vital in improving the competitiveness of our small-scale entrepreneurs in the market and ensuring a circular economy, said Ricardo Varela, Assistant Regional Director of DOST Caraga.

Experts from DOST Caraga, Caraga State University (CSU) and Caraga Food Innovation Center (FIC) trained local farm workers on proper food handling and processing of dairy products in Brgy. Dumalagan, Butuan City, April 4-5, 2018.


The proprietor of Jolly Goat Dairy Farm, Engr. Aniceto Bonpin, Jr. requested DOST for technical assistance on establishing marketable products from the goat’s milk they produce in the farm. Prior to the training, DOST Caraga personnel Danilo Facundo and Dr. Emmanuel Nono, veterinarian and Director of Income Generating Project of CSU assessed the technical needs of the farm.

Ms. Meriam Nono, nutritionist from CSU, trained the farm workers of Jolly Goat Dairy Farm and DOST Caraga personnel in processing goat milk into yogurt, white cheese, pastillas, and milk chocolate.

Local entrepreneur
Engr. Aniceto Bonpin, Jr., a proud Butuanon, is the proprietor of Jolly Goat Dairy Farm, a 3-hectare farm land in Purok 4, Brgy. Dumalagan, Butuan City. He started the farm two years ago with an empty farm lot, knowledge in raising goats and a passion for helping other Butuan locals.

In two years, he and his team raised more than a hundred goats and developed products from goat milk like goat milk soap, fresh goat milk and others. He also integrated organic farming and vermiculture in the farm.

He shared, “I like people to continue learning. In fact, I plan to build a training facility in the farm to encourage farmers and livestock raisers to be trained on the proper ways of raising goats. If they do it right, the success is higher and they can innovate ways.”

According to Engr. Bonpin, with DOST’s technical assistance, he is more confident to bridge the gap between the farmers, consumers and buyers in Caraga. Engr. Bonpin also availed technical assistance in food safety and proper plant layout from DOST.