Caraga MSMEs undergo Business Operations Management Training, Consultancy

BUTUAN CITY, Philippines – Forty-five Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) all over the region went through a comprehensive training and consultancy on Business Operations Management on March 15-17 in Butuan City, as part of the Manufacturing Productivity Extension Program (MPEX) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – a program that assists MSMEs in the manufacturing sector to attain and sustain higher productivity.

The training intended to review how the business is run and how to control the labor force. It primarily focused on the factors to consider in diagnosing a business. According to Engr. Andre Paolo Lim, chief MPEX consultant in Caraga, there are thirteen factors to consider when analyzing the status of a business’s operations management – Administrative and Personnel Management, Marketing Activity, Research and Development, Packaging, Financial Management, Production Layout, Production System, Materials Management, Waste Management, Machineries and Equipment, Materials Handling, Housekeeping, Sanitation and Safety.

“We make business to earn money and increase manufacturing productivity. An MSME should always put in mind that good business always works and operates for profit. These factors should regularly be checked as it will always affect profit,” he emphasized. Engr. Lim and his team of consultants from the Summit Consultancy and Research Services is DOST Caraga’s partner in promoting manufacturing productivity in the region.


Engr. Lim explains the concept of Operations Management to the MSMEs.

DOST concentrates more on the aspect of Research and Development for the MSMEs through the updating of relevant operation and production technologies, relevant product offerings, product differentiation and the development of other relevant business components.

The consultants carried out a one-on-one consultation with the MSMEs in the assessment of how their business is managed. Summit consultancy also provided detailed recommendations in all aspects of the Operational Management.


MSME Client from Agusan del Sur listens to the advice on Operations Management from Engr. Geraldine Reyes Lim, a consultant from the Summit Consultancy and Research Services.

Prior to the training, the consultants made an on-site visit to the firms for a baseline study on how these firms operate their business on the ground. The consultancy also served as a progress monitoring report – an updating of how these MSMEs by-far achieved effective operations management.

Aside from its MPEX Program, DOST also provides technological services to MSMEs through its Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP), Microbiological, Physical and Chemical Analysis, Packaging and Labelling Service, Nutrifacts Analysis and Shelf-life Analysis.