43 students sign Scholarship with DOST

A total of 43 scholars from different State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and private institutions in Caraga signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Science and Technology on February 1-3, 2017 for the granting of their Junior Level Science Scholarship effective this school year 2016-2017. The JLSS Orientation and MoA Signing was conducted consecutively in three separate venues: Caraga State University, Philippine Normal University and Surigao State College of Technology.

Policies of the Scholarship Agreement were discussed with the students along with their parents during the MoA signing and orientation. Mr. Ricardo Varela, chief of the technical operations of DOST Caraga, emphasized the responsibility that the students bring with them not only as DOST Scholars but also as future S&T contributors in the country.

“The number of scholars who have passionately and seriously pursued their field have been decreasing in this country. As DOST Scholars, you have to look more than just being a scholar and the responsibilities this entails even after you graduate. We believe that you are one of those chosen few who will greatly contribute to nation building. We hope that you will not fail your countrymen,” Mr. Varela said.

Ms. Meriam Bouquia, the regional scholarship coordinator, also explained the different privileges that the scholars can get after their graduation. According to Ms. Bouquia, the scholars can still acquire scholarships from other institutions providing that it does not conflict with the general policies stipulated under the JLSS Memorandum of Agreement.

The Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS) is one of the S&T Scholarships of DOST Science Education Institution catered to the on-going regular 3rd year students with Bachelor of Science degrees in the field of natural sciences, engineering and mathematics. This year’s pioneering batch of JLSS scholars will be given 2-3 years of scholarship contract, depending on the course they are taking in.