DOST Caraga congratulates 42 Qualifiers for the 2016 Junior Level Science Scholarships

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) through the Science Education Institute (SEI) announces the names of the scholarship qualifiers for the 2016 Junior Level Science Scholarships (JLSS). The JLSS is a scholarship program of the DOST-SEI under the Republic Act No. 7687 or the “Science and Technology Scholarship Act of 1994”, Republic Act No. 10612 or the “Fast-Tracked S&T Scholarship Act of 2013”, and the Merit Scholarship Program.

Qualifiers of this scholarship program will enjoy a 2-3 year Science & Technology scholarships. Those who qualified under RA 7687 and RA 10612 will be entitled to subsidy in tuition fee and other school fees, monthly living allowance, book allowance, among others, in the last 2 or 3 years of their undergraduate studies. Scholars under the Merit scholarship program will likewise receive the same benefits except for the pro-rated monthly stipend based on the scholar’s family socio-economic status.

A total of forty two (42) Junior Students from Caraga qualified for the JLSS Program.  Each qualifier shall receive a notice of award from DOST Caraga and will be invited for an orientation and contract signing.  He/she shall report to DOST Caraga and bring a Certified True Copy of Grades for the First Semester of AY 2016-2017 and a Photocopy of Registration Form for the Second Semester of AY 2016-2017; and be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian who must bring a 2017 Community Tax Certificate or Official Passport. The legal guardian is required to present his/her affidavit of guardianship.

The following are the qualifiers of the 2016 JLSS for Caraga Region (also available at

  1. Abian, Mark Kenneth A. – CSU Cabadbaran
  2. Aguillon, Elmo Jr. S. – SSCT
  3. Arnego, Lemar M. – CSU Main
  4. Bitos, Joelyn A. – PNU Mindanao
  5. Busa, Christian Jay M. – CSU Main
  6. Cabajes, Bal Jr. J. – SSCT
  7. Caberte, Propsero Luke Godfrey T. – CSU
  8. Cagadas, Mark Joseph C. – SSCT
  9. Clarit, Jonnes B. – SSCT
  10. Corpuz, Jennifer Joy C. – PNU Mindanao
  11. Cuñado, Kristoffer B. – CSU Main
  12. De Leon, Michael R. – PNU Mindanao
  13. Dela Cerna, Kent Yzra G. – PNU Mindanao
  14. Diaz, Ric Me D. – PNU Mindanao
  15. Estrebella, Kim A. – PNU Mindanao
  16. Galinato, Rachiel O. – CSU Main
  17. Hiraga, Richard V. – PNU Mindanao
  18. Inting, Eleanor Noelle L. – FSUU
  19. Jubac, Jesson P. – SSCT
  20. Labi, Rednil C. – SSCT
  21. Lariosa, Elaine Grace Q. – CSU Main
  1. Laurencio, Stella Maris A. – PNU Mindanao
  2. Lendero, Bryan Vic A. – CSU Main
  3. Martil, Jamaica C. – PNU Mindanao
  4. Monter, Regine E. – SSCT
  5. Mulgado, April Tricia G. – CSU Main
  6. Nasayao, Roland A. – SSCT
  7. Navales, Cesar Jr. F. – PNU Mindanao
  8. Nollora, Manolyn E. – CSU Main
  9. Pangapalan, Nneka Jean A. – PNU Mindanao
  10. Pajo, Eric John M. – St. Paul Uni.
  11. Pepito, Angelica A. – FSUU
  12. Perales, Jan Mark E. – PNU Mindanao
  13. Resma, Jason P. – PNU Mindanao
  14. Rizardo, Jane Raiza V. – SSCT
  15. Roa, Loreen B. – PNU Mindanao
  16. Rosales, Kimberly D. – FSUU
  17. Sumando, Giovani R. – SSCT
  18. Tolibao, Mark Carlo T. – CSU Main
  19. Verzosa, Jaymond T. – CSU Main
  20. Villapaz Loue Jee – CSU Main
  21. Ybañez, Marielle P. – PNU Mindanao